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Sea-Watch 3 Enters Italian Waters in State of Necessity
Italien 27. Juni 2019

European institutions have once again proven their incapability of handling the responsibility to safeguard the rights of people rescued at their deadly sea border. Neither any of the European States nor the EU commission were willing to enforce what is the basis of their constitutions – human dignity. With yesterday’s political ruling furthermore the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) failed to provide any expedient for the 42 survivors stuck aboard the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3. Their...

The Push-back Map A Tool to Collectively Fight the Repressive Border & Control Regime
Europäische Union 22. Juni 2019

Currently we are witnessing an increase in institutional violence across Europe. At the EU’s borders expulsions, direct deportations, readmissions and other forms of forced returns across borders are happening on a daily basis. These violent practices are called push-backs. They are a systematic institutionalised technique used to suppress movement across borders. With our newly developed online tool The Push-back Map, www.pushbackmap.org, we aim to map, document, visualise and denounce...

„Eine ganz normale Routinekontrolle!“
Wien 22. Juni 2019

Donnerstag 13.6.2019, ca. 21:00 Gudrunstraße nahe Keplerplatz, 1100 Wien. Kleines Geschäft, was vorwiegend Produkte aus afrikanischen Ländern verkauft! Ich sehe ca. fünf Polizisten im Geschäft stehen, bin alarmiert (denk mir sofort rassistische Kontrolle) und mache die Tür auf.

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June 11th Statement From Indigenous Anarchist Political Prisoner Miguel Peralta (Oaxaca, Mexico)
Mexiko 22. Juni 2019

The text comes from the Indigenous anarchist political prisoner Miguel Peralta to mark June 11th: International Day of Solidarity With Long Term Anarchist Prisoners. Miguel is currently appealing his 50-year sentence in the Third Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Wien 14. Juni 2019

Am 15. Juni 2019 veranstalten christliche Fundamentalist*innen wie jedes Jahr den “Marsch für die Familie” in der Wiener Innenstadt. Bewusst wählt die “Plattform Familie”, wie sich die VeranstalterInnen nennen, den Tag der Regenbogenparade, um gegen LGBTIQ+(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Inter, Queer and more)-Rechte und queer-feministische Forderungen zu protestieren. - - english below -...

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I’m glad I was in the Stonewall riot
USA 8. Juni 2019

An interview with Sylvia Rivera

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12 Things to do Instead of Calling the Cops
Weltweit 7. Juni 2019

Calling the police often escalates situations, puts people at risk, and leads to violence. Anytime you seek help from the police, you’re inviting them into your community and putting people who may already be vulnerable into dangerous situations. Sometimes people feel that calling the police is the only way to deal with problems. But we can build trusted networks of mutual aid that allow us to better handle conflicts ourselves and move toward forms of transformative justice, while keeping...

Feuer den Knästen! Blazing Regards From Nowhere
Schweiz 5. Juni 2019

Botschaft aus der Klandestinität

5.-9. Juni 2019: EKH Haus & Hof Fest
Wien 4. Juni 2019

Alle Jahre wieder gibts das EKH Haus & Hoffest mit Workshops, Konzerten, Coverbandabend, Strassenfest, Hofbar und super lecker veganem Essen!

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